Smart Report Card

Generates detailed and standardized report cards.

DepEd School Forms

Automates school forms required by DepEd.

Smart Diploma

Produces diplomas with QR Code Verification.

Honor Certificates

Creates certificates for student achievements.

Smart Class Record

Intuitive design similar to a physical class record with the power and simplicity of a spread sheet.

DepEd & PEAC Compliant

Standardized computation, record keeping of school forms and other accreditation requirements.

Other features

We are committed to accuracy, fairness and importance of each student’s academic performance. Here are other features that we think can help teachers and school administrators.

  • MATATAG Curriculum Ready
  • Smart Class Record
  • Parent Web Portal
  • Customized Reports & Forms
  • DepEd & PEAC Compliant
  • Smart Report Card & Diploma
  • Honor Ranking & Certificates
  • Standardized Computations
  • Grade Consolidation
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Deportment / Conduct

NOTE: Special reports can be discussed for customization. All adjustments are for approval and may incur additional cost.