Encode raw scores & generate reports.

Make every grade count.

  • Smart Class Record
  • Grade Consolidation
  • Honor Ranking
  • Attendance & Deportment
  • DepEd School Forms

Parents can become more engaged if you provide them with the right platform.

  • Parent Web Portal
  • Quarterly Progress Reports
  • Attendance Monitoring

Intuitive design similar to a physical class record with the power and simplicity of a spread sheet.

  • Standardized Computations
  • Grade Consolidation
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Deportment / Conduct
  • Honors Ranking

DepEd & PEAC Compliant

Standardized computation, record keeping of school forms and other accreditation requirements.

  • DepEd Compliant forms
  • Manage Transferee Records
  • Customized Report Cards
  • Smart Diploma & Certificates
  • Centralized Student Registrar